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"I had this chain repaired by you, two weeks ago and it's broken in the same place"


Yeah, yeah!  How many times have you heard this one?  Ok, so it can happen, we all make mistakes but nine times out of ten you'll find a chain has in fact broken in another place.  Every single job coming into the KJS workshop will be digitally photographed and stored on disc for future reference, so in the event of a customer complaint problems can be sorted out quickly and efficiently with minimal stress to yourselves and your much valued customer. 

Please note the amount of detail shown in the images below.  On the Sapphire and Diamond ring you can make out the wear and tear around the setting, You can clearly see the Hallmark and makers marks on the wedding ring and on the bracelet you can even count the number of links up to the break.  Also a by product of using this system is the fact that if your customer was to loose, damage beyond repair or have that item stolen, if it has been through the KJS workshop we will gladly supply a print of said item for free or we can enhance, crop and print on full gloss paper for a fee of $10.00.  To some customers and yourselves this could be an invaluable service, cutting out any hassle with insurance companies and offering you the chance to make a sale with the replacement.