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Descriptive details for the taking in of Tie Jewellery repairs:


·         The Hallmark - or describe any stamp/punch marks and the color of the metal,

·         The type -  Slide, clip, tack or a stick pin,

·         The safety chain, caps and retainers – Note if it has them and if they are precious metal or plated (even though the item may be gold, silver etc sometimes the fittings are not).

·         The design – Satin finish, plain, diamond cut, oxidized(Silver) etc.

·         Features – The design, describe the general appearance. Are they enameled or lacquered?

·         Stone set – Are all stones present and in good order? Note the colour and number.  See Gemstone Guide.·         Previous engraving Note any wording and style.

·         The proportions – Measure width and height.

·         Difficult to describe – A small sketch again is fine.


Check Note and test where necessary, advise customers and record on receipt.


·         The condition - Note any damage, distortion or wear.

·         Safety devices - Are they working correcetly?