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Descriptive details for the taking in of Lockets and Pendant repairs:


·         The Hallmark - or describe any stamp/punch marks and the color of the metal.

·         The style – Cross, Crucifix, St Christopher, locket etc.

·         Items that may open – Hinged or swiveled.

·         The design – Satin finish, plain, diamond cut, oxidized(Silver) etc.

·         Features – The design, describe the general appearance. Are they enameled or lacquered?

·         Stone set – Are all stones present and in good order? Note the colour and number.  See Gemstone Guide.·         The chain – Do not send in the chain (Unless it requires cleaning.) If it is easily removable and will be easy to put back on the chain once it has been repaired. If it is enclosed a full description is needed. See Chains.

·         Previous engraving Note any wording and style.

·         The proportions – Measure width and height.

·         Difficult to describe – A small sketch again is fine.


Check Note and test where necessary, advise customers and record on receipt. 


·         Hollow items - check for dents, splits or twists.

·         Solid items – check for dents, splits, twists and scratches etc.

·         Clasp, hinge or swivel - are they all working correctly?

·         Glue marks - are there any glue marks or stains on the pearls?

·         Missing stones - Identify the position of any missing stones.  See Gemstone Guide.

·         Lacquer or coatings – Note any chipped, cracked or peeling surfaces.

·         Top ring and running ring – Check for any signs of wear.


Photos, locks of hair, paper inserts etc should be removed (Preferably by the customer) and returned to them. Note this on the repair receipt. If they have to be left in then also make a note on the receipt.