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Descriptive details for the taking in of Earring repairs:


·         The Hallmark - or describe any stamp/punch marks and the colour of the metal.

·         Single or a pair – It is always preferable to take in the pair in case any matching is required, also to clean and polish the pair to match.

·         The style – Stud, sleeper, drop, hoop, Creole etc.

·         Backs and fittings – Note if taken in and type.

·         Features – The design, describe the general appearance. Are they enameled or lacquered?

·         Stone set – Are all stones present and in good order?

·         Creoles – Are both of the hinges intact and working correctly? 


Check Note and test where necessary, advise customers and record on receipt.


·         Hollow sections - check for dents, splits or twists.

·         Broken sections – Note the breakage and place any loose pieces in a separate bag and send with the job.

·         Glue marks - Any glue marks or stains on pearls?

·         Missing stones - Identify the position of any missing stones.  See Gemstone Guide

·         Lacquer or coatings - Note any chipped, cracked or peeling surfaces.


Creole and some hollow earrings can become very brittle due to some casting processes when they are originally manufactured and quite often you will find that small pieces may be missing.