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Descriptive details for the taking in of Cufflink repairs: 


·         The Hallmark - or describe any stamp/punch marks and the colour of the metal.

·         Single or a pair – It is always preferable to take in the pair in case any matching is required, also to clean and polish the pair to match.

·         The design – Engraved, ½ engraved or stone set.

·         The type – Bar or chain fittings?

·         Features – The design, describe the general appearance. Are they enameled or lacquered?

·         Personal engraving – Note the wording and style.



Check Note and test where necessary, advise customers and record on receipt.



·         The condition – Are the chains worn, are the fittings and swivels working correctly?

·         Stone set – Are there any stones present? If so, are they in good order? See Gemstone Guide.

·         The Plates - Are they twisted, damaged or scratched?