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Descriptive details for the taking in of Brooch repairs:


·         The Hallmark - or describe any stamp/punch marks and the colour of the metal.

·         The Design – Butterfly, rose,bird,cat,bow etc.

·         If stone set - What stones (If known for certain) or describe by colour and shape. Include the number of each stone type as well.  See Gemstone Guide.

·         Features – If enameled etc.

·         Safety chain – Note if fitted.

·         Sketch any brooch – Where specific points must be indicated or where description is difficult. 


Check Note and test where necessary, advise customers and record on receipt.


·         The condition – Are pins, rivets, hinges safety chains in place and working properly?

·         Stone set - Are there any stones present?

·         The Damage – Are there any broken parts, missing stones, is it twisted dented or split? Is there any chipped enamel or peeling finishes?

·         Cameos Are frequently cracked. To check carefully hold the brooch up to the light. Look through the back of the cameo towards the light. Cracks will show up as faint black lines. This should be noted on the receipt and the customer informed, it may not be possible to undertake the repair if damage is to severe.